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This is a story about love. A love as big as Germany (well, it's not that big compared to Australia, but nevertheless), overcoming time and space to bring two young people together, which seems to have been destined for each other from the beginning. As for me this is the only plausible explanation for them to make a webcomic about it ten years later.

Thus, all in all it is a love story. Despite being one with lots of humour and little heartache.

But this is a story about growing up as well. About the long way from being a teenager to the post-adolescent age, the &qout;hard times at University", getting older and becoming parents.

So, all in all this story is a development novel (also known by its beautiful German name entwicklungsroman). One with lots of hidden jokes and a couple of backsteps, though.

But this is also a story about live roleplaying games, huge bowls of icecream and compulsive honesty. It's a story about successful dieting, washing machines and poultry shears. A story about coven, ex-girlfriends and pirate ship fancy cakes.

Well, all in all this is indeed a story about Bess and all the things in her helter-skelter life. Just as the title implies.

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